Cheltenham Everyman Theatre

“If you work here, you’ll never get recognition for it from anyone outside this building. The vast majority of the people in your life won’t know what you do. You’ll only ever be Clark Kent to the rest of the world, not Superman.”

Out of Joint’s production of Ciphers is a brand new play from Dawn King, a playful cerebral spy thriller. I use the term cerebral because King’s writing relies heavily on letting the audience do the work. This story of espionage is directed by Blanche McIntyre; her second production working with King after 2011‘s production of Foxfinder.

Ciphers follows a multinarrative, telling two stories parallel to each other, the tale of two sisters; Justine, an apparently plain young woman who works for the Secret Service; and Kerry, an art gallery manager who is leading a personal investigation into her sister’s life and mysterious death! That’s right, from the very beginning the audience is aware of how Justine’s story is going to end, but not why. And this is where the writing of Dawn King keeps her audience on the edge of their seats!