Kynton Swingle

Volunteering and Society Awards (VoScAs) 2013
Worcester Students’ Union President’s Recognition Award

And now, the end is near, and so it brings the final award of night, and the one I’ve been looking forward to presenting the most, The Worcester Students’ Union President’s Recognition Award. This award is in it’s second year of conception, and is presented to an individual who has been selected by the SU President currently in Office for their contribution to the Students’ Union.

The person [Tim Montague] I have selected for this award is someone I had the pleasure of meeting during the SU elections last academic year. After listening to them grill the other candidates during the question and answer session at last year’s hustings (something they repeated this year), they have been in and out of the office all this year. Sometimes to say hello, and sometimes asking advice, but every time it’s a welcome visit. They started this year as a member of the Fresher’s Crew, and have continued the year as an important cog in their Societies machinery. They are enthusiastic, passionate, and always striving for better for the society they are in, and importantly for me, always thinking of the other members of their society, whether former, current or potential future members.

For me personally, this person has been a vibrant supporter of the Students’ Union work, and always seems to sing our praises, even when we’re unsure ourselves. The tireless effort they put in to everything they do is something I have the upmost respect for, and the selfless attitude that they display in ensuring that they don’t let people down is exactly what we need more of.

Whilst flicking through their V-record they had submitted, it was clear that there was one massive problem with this person, and it’s that they under sell themself. Yes they had filled in their V-record as honestly as possible, however in doing so it was clear that they had missed off hundreds of hours of things you simply can’t quantify. Things like supporting other members of their society, spending hours planning, preparing and promoting the work of their society, and from conversations with them, the countless hours of worrying over getting the smallest details right to put on brilliant performances. Also put in the constant encouragement and good words that they give to myself, Sam and Lee, something we always appreciate. And I refuse to believe that the brilliant script for their last show was only wrote in 12 hours, or so your v-record says!
Without dragging this out anymore, ladies and gentlemen I am delighted to announce that the winner of the Worcester Students’ Union President’s Recognition Award 2013 goes to Tim Montague.

Kynton Swingle
Worcester Students’ Union