Honor Hoskins (Vamos Theatre)

Tim has shone from the first moment he joined Vamos Young People’s Theatre so when an internship for a Touring Assistant Stage Manager became available on Vamos Theatre’s UK tour of Finding Joy 2014, there were no questions about offering it to Tim.

Since then, Tim has flourished in the role and become a highly valued member of the team. He is enthusiastic, conscientious, professional and extremely hard working. Within the role Tim has gained experience with all aspects of touring of touring with a small theatre company, from get ins/outs to representing the company on social media from the road. He is an excellent team player and a great communicator.

Although, Tim’s first passion is performing, his organisational skills, time keeping and ability to learn quickly means that his skill set is more than suited to backstage and production work as well. Tim has a strong grasp of the demands that are put on all members of a team when creating and touring theatre, allowing him to be adaptable in his work.

Tim works well under pressure and has happily put in long hours to get the job done to the highest possible standard. There is no questioning Tim’s commitment and passion for theatre and I do not doubt that Tim will go far in the industry.

Honor Hoskins
General Manager
Vamos Theatre